Service, Maintenance & Repairs

Serving Albany, New York since 2004, JC Tractor Repair and Restoration provides customers with exceptional products and services. Our repair technicians take pride in each and every repair we do, so come on down to our service center and let us get you fixed up. JC Tractor will provide the best service for the best price to equip your tractors and trailers better for the tasks at hand. Our staff strives to have fast turnaround rates to get you back to working condition as soon as possible. At JC Tractor, we understand the importance of quality customer service and make it our mission to get the job done right the first time. We won’t let your tractor leave our lot until you’re completely satisfied. The professionals at JC Tractor Repair are highly trained and utilize the latest in the top of the line equipment and technology to provide the very best tractor repairs and restorations. We can fix and refurbish all brands of farming equipment. Our technicians can handle just about anything tractor related. With our tractor repair and tractor restoration services, your equipment will be up and running in no time at a price you can afford. Besides repairs, our technicians have the expertise to provide you with the needed care to fully restore your vintage equipment. Whether your tractor is in need of some maintenance or a full rebuild, we can turn your antique into something great!

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